Autumn Skin Care


In autumn, some changes are observed in the skin as in nature. Autumn skin care includes preparing the skin to adapt to the cooling air. As the weather cools, the skin begins to dry and harden. An effective care nourishes the skin and supports it to stay healthy.

Why is autumn skin care needed?

The skin reacts to the climate change in autumn and some problems are seen. In addition, existing skin problems are exacerbated during this period. The skin becomes much more taut and dry than usual. The amount of acne increases in acne-prone skin. A healthy skin maintains moisture and heat balance. During the seasonal transition period, the moisture balance of the skin is disturbed. Harmful substances penetrating through micro cracks in the skin due to dryness exacerbate eczema and acne. Apart from this, there may be damage left over from the summer on the skin.

What should be done for autumn skin care?

The most important issue in skin care in autumn is to use a moisturizing cream suitable for the skin type. It is necessary to apply moisturizing cream frequently, especially in October and November. It is necessary to be careful that the moisturizing cream does not contain harmful chemicals. A moisturizing day cream that meets all the needs of the skin and protects against UVA and UVB rays is ideal.

It is not right to expose the skin to cold and wind in autumn evenings. This situation causes flaking, cracks and spots on the skin. Also, not taking a shower too often is necessary to avoid skin dryness. Washing too often is harmful for both skin and hair.

Like the face, the skin on the legs, arms, and feet also becomes dry. During autumn skin care, it is necessary to apply moisturizing body care. It is sufficient to apply a quality moisturizing lotion to the whole body after each bath.

Drinking water

It is necessary to consume at least two liters of water a day to prevent skin dryness and stay healthy.

Our hands, which come into contact with water frequently during the day, become more dry and cracked in autumn. You can protect hands by applying nourishing hand cream and wearing protective gloves during work.

It is necessary to use sunscreen cream in autumn. There are creams that have many benefits besides protection from sun rays. These new generation creams strengthen the skin by offering many different effects in a single product.

Oral Supplements

It is also possible to have medical skin care procedures in autumn skin care. Skin peeling procedures for skin blemishes, wrinkles and acne can be applied in autumn. Autumn is ideal for various masks, different firming and moisturizing treatments applied with devices. Oral supplements such as vitamins, collagen, zinc, hyaluronic acid will also be useful in skincare.