Anti-aging Tips


What can you do to delay aging?

Although aging is a natural process that awaits everyone, it takes different forms in every body. Time causes damage to the skin. With aging, the skin gradually dries out and loses its elasticity. With deficiencies in the skin structure, fullness and firmness are also lost. For this reason, it is normal for facial collapse, sagging and wrinkles to appear as we age. These deteriorations occur rapidly or more slowly due to genetic reasons. Environmental factors and lifestyle also greatly affect the aging process. Some wrong habits and harmful factors can cause premature aging. Good habits that are made a part of life before it's too late works on your skin. You can slow down skin aging with these helpful anti-aging tips.


The most important of the anti-aging tips; stay away from sun

It has been proven that frequent and excessive exposure to sun rays accelerates skin aging. Especially in summer, you can delay skin aging by protecting yourself when the sun's rays are strong. Protecting from the sun, which is also effective in preventing dark sunspots on the skin, should become a lifestyle. It is a one of the useful anti-aging tips when maintained all year round. It is no different than being on the beach or walking on the street to be exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. So, it is always necessary to use a quality sunscreen dermo-cosmetic product. This protective cream with SPF 30 or higher should be refreshed regularly. Tanning disrupts the structure of the skin, causing premature aging. For this reason, it is much more accurate to prefer colored creams that create the same effect instead of tanning.


One of the most effective anti-aging tips; control facial expressions

- Mimics that leave marks on your face can cause wrinkles and lines. If you repeat excessively sharp facial expressions and gestures frequently, the skin folds. Facial muscles that get used to this shape over time become deformed. The crow's feet of people who constantly squint their eyes deepen. In the use of tobacco products, there are lines around the lips as the lips shrink. Wearing sunglasses dampens light and prevents frequent squinting. As a result, examine your facial expressions as among anti-aging tips. You can reduce lines by acquiring light expressions that correct your own mimic problems.

Quit bad habits

- As it is known, using tobacco products causes significant damage to the lungs. This disrupts the structure of your skin, which is fed by the lungs. The skin of those who use tobacco products becomes dull, pale and lifeless. As the first one of anti-aging tips, stop using tobacco products that kill skin cells. Avoiding tobacco products is necessary not only to prevent aging, but also to live a long and healthy life.

- Frequent and heavy alcohol consumption damages the liver. These damages directly affect the body. Alcohol consumption causes the body to lose water and disrupts the skin structure. And an unhealthy skin appearance appears. In the advanced stage, skin rashes and damage are seen. The aging of the deteriorated skin is naturally rapid and obvious. Restricting alcohol consumption is an important step in delaying aging.

A healthy diet ensures that the skin, like the whole body, is strong and healthy. Thanks to a diet rich in vitamins and protein, skin aging slows down. Therefore, it is necessary to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and folic acid. In this way, the structure of the skin is greatly strengthened. Avoiding sugar and carbohydrates is among anti-aging tips.

Exercise regularly among anti-aging tips

- Regular exercise has a significant effect on the removal of toxins from the body. The body, which is purified from toxins, remains vigorous. Light exercises that accelerate circulation also accelerate the regeneration of cells. Regular exercise, which strengthens immunity, slows down aging with the combination of these effects. A routine of doing light exercises at least two days a week is one of the important anti-aging tips.

- Regular skin cleansing removes dead cells and renews the skin. A gentle skin cleansing every morning and every evening preserves the healthy structure of the skin. Sweat irritates the skin. When you sweat, find a suitable environment and wash your face.

- Dry skin becomes brittle and damaged very easily. Once the skin has been damaged, it requires long-lasting extensive procedures to repair it. Powerful moisturizers with natural ingredients lock moisture into the skin. In this way, the strength and endurance of the skin increases. As a result, the skin maintains its elasticity and aging slows down. Protect the skin from drying out with a moisturizing face cream that also has sun protection during the day. These products solve two problems together. While protecting the face from the sun, it prevents the skin from losing its moisture. Not letting the skin dry out is among the anti-aging tips.

- You can prevent skin damage by avoiding abrasive hard peeling processes. Avoid all skin products that irritate the skin, cause a burning sensation and cause rashes. Because irritations on the skin disrupt its structure and accelerate the aging of the skin. Instead of ordinary cosmetic products, choosing dermo cosmetics with the recommendation of a dermatologist is one of the anti-aging tips.