Anti-aging Applications


Nobody wants to have facial problems caused by aging. Acne scars, age spots, textural issues, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, etc. We all want to look younger. While having applications, our desire is to look natural as if no treatment has been applied. It is possible with the help of some up to date anti-aging applications.


Popular anti-aging applications all over the world

  • Anti-aging Aesthetic operations
  • Non-surgical anti-aging procedures
  • Anti-aging supplements
  • Anti-aging cosmetics
  • Principle of healing by stimulating muscular system, nerves and tissues


Aesthetic operations as leading anti-aging applications

Face and neck lift operations, ear aesthetics, nose aesthetics, spider web aesthetics, eyelid and eye contour operations, eyebrow lift operation, cheekbone and chin aesthetics, lip aesthetics, etc. These operations, which are decided in the light of detailed examinations, tests and rehearsals, must be performed by specialist aesthetic physicians. If you do not want to suffer due to incorrect or excessive aesthetic applications, prefer the operations performed by experienced aesthetic physicians in hospitals that provide quality service in order to avoid irreversible damage.

Medical aesthetic anti-aging applications; non-surgical procedures

Botox, chemical peeling, laser therapies, Ultrasound therapies, fillers, etc. In most of the applications, devices developed with new technologies are used. It is very important to be applied by experienced experts in correct determinations and calculations. Misapplications made in centers far from expertise and knowledge, may cause irreversible damage.

The content, competence of the specialist, and compliance with the hygiene rules are important. They should be thoroughly investigated and referenced ones should be preferred. Experts determine the right application, which is really necessary and suitable for the right person, in the best way and applies it to the right area in the required dose. It is also very important to provide detailed information about protection after the application, to make the applications by choosing the right time seasonally, and to make the next controls. For example, some anti-aging applications cannot be done in summer due to the effects of the sun.


Anti-aging supplements

Collagen, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid, biotin, Omega3, vitamins, ozone therapy, propolis etc. Some of these are taken orally in tablet, powder, liquid form and some are taken intravenously by serum and injection. All of them have different effects.  But generalty they renew cells, regulate immunity, cleanse, nourish and strengthen the body. All of these improvements have an anti-aging effect on the human body. Directly or indirectly, it slows down the rate of aging. And alleviates existing aging effects, and prevents early aging. We can add supplements on anti-aging applications list.


Anti-aging cosmetics

Dermo cosmetics, serums, creams, gels, natural oils, natural recipes, various masks, etc. They are products applied externally to the skin with an anti-aging effect. Cosmetics produced by competent specialists and suitable for skin type are effective. These should be preferred according to the doctor's recommendation.


Face Massage

Principle of healing by stimulating the muscular system, nerves and tissues

It includes a number of techniques. These techniques has a firming and refreshing effect on face just like exercise. Techniques are the current forms of traditional massages that exist in every culture. There are many types such as lymphatic drainage massage, gouache massage applied with some apparatus. Also faace yoga, Japanese Korgi massage, vacuum massages ca be added. These massages which considered as anti-aging applications, make a difference when applied regularly.